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Thursday, January 21, 2021


Successful demo in Raimat

On July 10, 2013 the Codorniu vineyard was the setting for an extensive field demonstration on precision agriculture and precision viticulture.

This field demo was part of the European Conference on Precision Agriculture in Lleida (Spain). FieldCopter took part in this demonstration and showed the SARAH platform and how it can be deployed for precision crop monitoring to the approx. 300 participants.

This field demonstration was very well organised. The audience was guided along the different stations with well-prepared demos and presentations in 9 groups on a firm schedule. The FieldCopter station was landmarked by a shelter where the audience welcomed some shade on this hot day. In the shelter, the FieldCopter team presented the results of the project. The benefits for farmers were discussed, as well as the advancements the team has made in developing an operational service. 


An important part of the presentation was devoted to the developed Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) which contains an EGNOS receiver that, together with other sensors, measures and stores relevant navigation parameters. In addition, the IMU keeps the UAS on track (autopilot), controls the camera and provides a streaming video relay to the ground crew to ensure the quality of the imagery. The stream enables the operator to control the platform and make in-flight changes to the camera if needed. The UAS pilots got a big hand when they demonstrated how the SARAH platform can take-off and land and be controlled in hovering and flying above the crops.


The audience was thrilled to be so close to the SARAH platform, which was announced as the “Formula 1” of UAS. The audience was very interested to hear about the technology of flying, the costs of flying and the applicability of the imagery.

Coming from all over Europe and even beyond, the audience shared its experience with local regulations, explaining that it is seen as one of the main barriers to the large scale adoption of this sensing technique.print

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